First try to reach the top of Okuhotaka one of the highlights around Kamikochi 

Start of the trail with good prospect for fine weather

Unfortunately mist appeared soon everywhere

At Maedake Lodge about 2200m where we stayed for one night, it started heavily to rain and didn't stop for two days. The hut-keeper strictly recommended not to proceed further higher, because of snow on the summit but to return to the valley. So we did and reached Kappa-bashi around noon the next day.

From there we took a bus to Sawando parking lot where we met Yaeko the first time. When she finished her job at the coffee shop she runs, we went back to Matsumoto with her and stayed for one night at her house. 

The wooden suspension bridge on Azusa-gawa River, Kappa-bashi Bridge, 36.6 meters long and 3.1 meter wide, is the symbol of Kamikochi. 

With Hodaka Mountains rising in front and Mt. Yakedake in the south billowing white smoke, Kappa-bashi is known as one of the most scenic spots in Kamikochi.

The next day early in the morning after a beautiful sunrise without clouds, we started again to head to the mountains. This time Yakedake was our target, which still is an active volcano, located in the south-west of Kamikochi.